Who is Vicki Simon?

One block from Union Square is Vicki Simon’s Studio, a haven of good taste. Everything here is quality; quality of space, of design and of material. Even Vicki’s business cards are thicker than any I have ever seen; you feel the paper pulp when you touch them. Her promotion material is distinguished and follows the motto “less is more”. Her studio is full of yarn as Vicki designs modern rugs which are hand-tufted in the US. I first saw one of her rugs in San Francisco at past client and interior designer Toby Flax’s modern city apartment. It blended perfectly with Toby’s sophisticated modern style. I met Vicki through Toby and was later thrilled when I received a call from her asking me to market her condominium. It was immaculate… “South Beach with a Terrace”, as Vicki called it. It was a fashionable and vibrant condo in a stylish concrete and glass building and the marketing had to be immaculate too to meet Vicki’s high standard, I learned a lot from her and remain a fan of her work. I just re-visited her studio and admired the rugs hanging in her reception room. Her new line “The Depth” was inspired by Vicki’s son’s pen and ink drawings. The line is playful and inspiring but don’t take my word for it check out all the designs at www.vickisimon.com.